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India is one of the major agricultural countries of the world. One of the biggest sources of its wealth is the most important part - agricultural produce, Which plays a leading role in the economic progress of the country, agriculture contributes 29.4% to the GDP and about 64% of the work force is involved. Agriculture is a high technology sector and there are huge employment opportunities related to it.


At Innox we foster open discussions and group discussions on innovative knowledge advanced technologies, share cutting edge knowledge on agriculture in our community, and partner with outside enterprises You work as a team with leading agriculture professionals and leverage global expertise, and shared efforts to unlock new capabilities. It takes inspiring work with enthusiastic and smart people to turn innovative, pioneering ideas into powerful solutions.


Innox's growth plans which include expanding its footprint in the global arena as well as domestic dominance is perhaps the most attractive proposition when exploring a professional life with Innox. Innox implements a concerted effort and celebrates your individual achievements that have contributed to the success of the organization by providing instant incentives and recognition to employees for exceptional performance through various recognition schemes.

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