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About Us

INNOX BIO PVT LTD is A leader in botanical technology in Agri industry. It has been working extensively with the farming community to help them raise better and healthy crops. Today INNOX BIO reach and impact has crossed geographical boundaries. Through extensive research in agricultural fields, the company has developed many successful products and services. This has largely helped farmers grow healthy crops and increase their productivity.

Being established among the frontrunners in the Agri-input companies, INNOX BIO PVT LTD stands as a major supplier for a spectrum of Agri-input products catering across domestic and international markets. Its product range spans from Agro biochemical Technical & Formulations to Household and Public Health biochemicals and Fertilizers.
INNOX BIO PVT LTD serves a healthy, demand-driven global agricultural market. In a world that requires ever-increasing quantities of agricultural products for human food, animal feed, natural fibres and alternative fuels, the key to success is enhanced productivity. Headquartered in New Delhi, INNOX BIO PVT LTD currently operates in different states of India.

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Our Collaborations

In order to meet the challenge of increasing crop productivity in agriculture, there is an urgent need to implement innovative techniques, and advanced farming practices, across the entire agriculture and food chain. We believe in mutual technical transfer. We are actively pursuing strong partnerships with public institutions, producers, as well as NGOs in India. At present, we are working continuously with reputed agricultural institutes and universities across India.

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We are in a business that helps all of humanity and meet its difficult challenges, our main goal is to provide food security to the ever-increasing population. We teach millions of growers the best use of available resources through world-class science, technology and innovative crop solutions.
Our endeavor is to have an excellent growth plan, our key commitment to addressing the critical challenges facing the world to achieve food security. Both our business and the world's food security depend on natural resources, healthy ecosystems and happy and prosperous rural communities. This is why we collaborate with our industrial partners, governments, and NGOs to support the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals of various governments.

Purpose and Values

Our Corporate Governance is at par with international standards which helps in building social values along with our business objectives. These efforts are also reflected in our strong environmental and social performance.
Our values, as a company, represent our standing firmly with humanity, and guide our behavior and actions as we move forward from strength to strength in agribusiness.

Code Of Conduct

All employees of Inox shall act in accordance with the Conduct Rules. The Code of Conduct determines what employees are to do, and what not to do, while recognizing the rights of employees, the conduct rules to meet the conduct requirements of employees for the fair and faithful discharge of their duties and responsibilities .Know More.

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INNOX BIO PVT LTD is leading the way with a line of products with stand-alone performance to
bring peace of mind to distributors and growers. INNOX BIO PVT LTD. do not require special
environmental conditions of temperature and humidity for activity; have a wide spectrum of
control; do not require refrigerated storage; and have prolonged shelf life stability.
Additionally, products are formulated to adapt to current field application practices and are
user-ready and compatible in a tank mix with most insecticides, herbicides, foliar fertilizers and
an important number of fungicides.


To always innovate and create newer opportunities. We are people-centric and our staff and
clients are equally invaluable. To create growth opportunities for all aspire to occupy a
premium position in the agriculture field


To constantly and continually strive to satisfy customers with personalized, sumptuous
hospitality that is close to our culture. We do this in an environment that respects all people and
all ideas.

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